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"A concept album in both scale and arrangement, Kaleidoscope sees Iden Mozafari exploring his creative talent throughout a myriad of genres that range from reggae and grunge to soul and trance." -FNE

FV Music Blog

Find No Enemy

"It’s remarkably diverse, yet wholly cohesive." -FNE

Indie Dock

Punk Head

"Spiraling between reggae, soul, electronica, grunge, trance, and queercore, IDN experiments the alchemy in genre-bending." -Punk Head

Iggy Magazine

Indie o Clock

Hip Hop Paranoia

Karl Is My Uncle

Reviews for Kaleidoscope

"Spinning experimental electronic soundscapes beneath fluid pop-centric writing, [IDN] creates a truly immersive listening experience lifted by his exquisite sound design." - Plastic Mag

Plastic Mag

Info Music

Gifted Balance Records

"Numerous psychedelic elements combine to create an inspiring and otherworldy soundscape that digs deep into the listener’s soul." - Gifted Balance

Karl Is My Uncle

Sinusoidal Music

"The kaleidoscopic track reveals a whole new dimension every time you listen to it." - Sinusoidal

Fruit Sonic

Strike A Note

Rising Artists

Reviews for Vision

"The infectious beats, soaring synths, and catchy hooks pay homage to an era defined by euphoria and togetherness, while still feeling fresh and relevant in today's music landscape." -TJPL News


Karl Is My Uncle

"Perhaps its strongest point is the ability to blend club-flavoured sonic matter with a more poppy and friendly topline, making the L.A.-based newcomer an eclectic and mesmerising force in the current music landscape." -Mesmerized

Iggy Magazine

Artisti Online

Indie o Clock

"The constant and pounding beat is enriched by many synths that create a swirling and rotating dimension that invites you to dance." -Artsti Online



Reviews for Velvet Sanctuary

IDEN WORLD is a creative hub and marketplace created by Iden Mozafari. Iden is an LA-based artist, working in music, fashion, graphic design, and DJ/VJ/live performance. A first generation queer Iranian-American, Iden is currently inspired by videogames, psychedelia, sci-fi/fantasy, and an always growing amount of music. 

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